Linear Traction Insulator LTKC

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  • Izolator trakcyjny liniowy LTKC

LTKC (7150-1) linear traction insulators is designed for operating at a rated voltage of 3 kV DC in railway traction grid in outdoor conditions. Used in suspended applications

and insulating contact wires and catenary wires of electric overhead contact lines.

Benefits of LTKC Linear Traction Insulators:

  • Excellent mechanical and electrical properties,
  • Hydrophobic properties of the silicone rubber insulation cover ensure high resistance to dirt and self-cleaning properties,
  • Lower risk of mechanical damage during transport, assembly and operation,
  • Resistance to UV radiation, ozone, moisture,
  • Shock and impact resistance – suitable for use in areas of seismic activity,
  • Relatively low insulator weight,
  • Capable of carrying specific torsional loads.

A LTKC linear traction insulator consists of a load-bearing core, metal end fittings and an insulating sheath. The supporting core is a glass-epoxy rod made of stress corrosion-resistant glass fibre ECR, saturated with epoxy composition. The rod has a very high mechanical tensile strength and is capable of carrying specific torsional loads. Metal end fittings are fixed on the core by clamping. The grey LSR silicone rubber insulation cover is moulded on the core by injection moulding. The cover tightly encompasses the epoxy-glass rod between the end fittings and effectively protects it against aggressive environmental factors.

The insulator is manufactured in compliance with the following standards: PN-E-02051, PN-K-92001, PN-K-92020, ZN-16/ITK-2.